Heading South For This Run

For no particular reason todays run will begin at Planz Park, next to South HS on the corner of Planz and South H st. Be there at 6:30pm, $4.00 and a flash light. On On.

Felony, larceny,  burglary, suspicious person, murder, pot house parties and more…. Boot Hook took us through the boroughs of Bakersfield PD Beats Bak23 and Bak24 among the businesses patrol areas and places normal people would fear to thread….fortunately BH3 Wankers are far from normal so it was all good.  Truth be told even I Diablower was afraid, I know these people — thats why I was afraid.  All turned out good, we havn’t heard if Efenefren was involved in any more single care accidents so all was good.


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