Welcum to Middle Age – Harriette Gina “Will You To Be My” John Birthday Run

All had fun at Harriett Gina “I want you go be my” John’s big 30 Hash. We would like to especially give a big BH3 welcum to our new Hash Bar “The Element Lounge” Lorrie and especially Claudia really came through. The Element was our third beer check of the night where Claudia offered and we promptly consumed all the beer she had to offer. Next time your in Bakersfield visit the Element at 1919 K Street located one block in from Chester.

The Element LoungeG with a JohnBoy is this chick white


I Diablower/F*ckn Jose will be your hare Monday February 11. One of our newest Harrietts Just Gina made the mistake of telling me that yesterday, today or tomorrow was her birthday (I can’t remember because I really wasn’t paying attention). Well fellow wankers I say if Just Gina wants us to help her celebrate her birthday we make it as forgettable and regrettable an experience as she will ever have. Gina is hitting the big 30 and as we all know for her goods it’s downhill (fast) from there.

The run tommow will begin downtown and take us through parts unknown. We can meet in the parking strucure behind 2020 K Street, corner of K and 21st street. You can park on K street or behind the UC Merced, building enter on 20th street off L Street downtown.

Bring $4.00 and a flashlight. On On


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