Let our people go – Free the IKEA 2 – Justice for the Hamburglar Hares

Let out people go - Justice for the IKEA 2 - Free the Hamburglar Hares
To all good hares of common sense please sign the following petition in support of our German brother & sister Hashers. See links below to the petition seeking justice for Dorothee Salchow and Daniel Salchow, of Hamburg Germany (The Hamburglar Hares).


On On

On On
Help the Hamburglar Hares

We refuse to think that we have become a nation of wusses – No disrespect Western Users of SAS Software – that a little flour turns us into a bunch of paranoid chicken littles…if this is the case the real terrorist have already won..“You see powder connected by arrows and chalk, you never know,”–Jessica Mayorga former Ms. Cuba spokesperson Mayor of New Havensomebody tell ms Cuba to get a clue.

To: The Mayor of the City of New Haven Connecticut Help the Hamburglar Hares Where has all the common-sense gone? While it may be concerning to find flour (a white powdery substance) scattered about a parking lot. Terrorists are not going to use anthrax in bulk to poison IKEA shoppers. Leaving symbols and arrows marking the direction of travel. I do feel sorry for IKEA and the lost sales due to these shenanigans, but as an avid IKEA-ite, I would not let that sway me on my purchases and would return again another day. This is not a felony, at most, it is a lapse in common sense, although it may have been overlooked by the Hamburglars, their only crime was that of negligence. They should have informed the folks at IKEA. German society would not even blink at the trail left by these two felons. Just because some nervous soccer mom with too much Starbucks in her system was alarmed. Cooler heads should have prevailed. Cooler heads can now, lets do what we can to repair international relations and make up for the Bush Administration.Free these two and stop the insanity. There are legitimate terrorists amongst us. German tourists are not usually among them, yes, they talk funny, and they may overtake the beaches in Florida in the winter and our National Parks but they are good people and they do bring lots of money to our economy. < $$$$$$$ Why Califorrnia even elected one Governator – Yes he is Austrian, but all those people look alike anyway…>We the undersigned plead for the immediate release of Dorothee Salchow and Daniel Salchow, of Hamburg Germany and have all charges against them dropped.

By the way Doc. Salchow if your not already deported in a couple of years could you put in a good word for may daughter who may be applying to Yale Undergraduate.

See – Offbeat Runners Club Sets Off Terror Scare in New Haven
for more info http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/25/nyregion/25beer.htmlSincerely,The Undersigned


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