Rock Hard Hash 7 Is Cummmmmming —- It’s about fu**ing time!.

Camp Fire


After a lengthy stage of deliberation, your Hash Mismanagement has set a date for the Rock Hard Hash 7. Yeah Yeah I know what you’re saying….It’s about fu**ing time!…but remember all good things cum…eventually.

Set aside Sept. 14 -16 for the most eventful weekend of your life so far. This year’s Rock Hard Hash will be at Greenhorn Mt. Campground up above Lake Isabella near Alta Sierra Ski area (aka Shirley Meadows).

The flyer/rego is attached. If you want to have a T-Shirt with Bring’em Young’s design, send in your registration along with a check for $59 by Sept. 1 to Butthook at his address shown on the rego. If your rego arrives after Sept. 1 the price goes up to $69 and you have no guarantee of getting the T-Shirt. The price also includes camp reservation, food, beer, and other worthless…I mean wonderful trinkets. There will be a mountain bike ride Sat. morning so if you want to join in on that, bring your bike and helmet (required). Of course there will be hashing too! ..On the fabulous “Trail of Beers” Sat. afternoon.

Do yourself a favor. Send in your rego now! We will need a HEAD (I’ll take somma dat) count by Sept. 1 to plan for t-shirts, food, and beer.

Hare sweatsHare sweatsHare sweats

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