Stop the lies – think outside the bottle – drink beer

Hula HoneyBH3 is a strong supported of the effort to stop the scam of multi national corporations pushing bottledStop the lies of bottled water, Drink Beer water, which actually in majority cases is just filtered tab water, as a source of portable refreshment for all manner of Hashers. Hashers be true to your roots, get of the bottle (water that is) – Drink Beer. Beer is good for the environment, it comes in recyclable container which the homeless use to buy more beer, beer is made from natural renewable resources, plus it helps with legal and illegal immigration to Bakersfield. Think of all the Midwesterners that stay home plus a few Mexicans, German and Irish, because the have jobs in the brews business. Hashers think outside the bottle drink more beer…it is our duty and our burden.


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