Excrementos and Beer – A whole new meaning to the words “Shitty” & “Beer”


A good lai was had by all at Excarmento’s tropical fantasy run. His misdirection caused Cum Pond and DiaBlower to missEveryone got laied at the BH3 Tropical Run 2007 the 2nd beer check, perhaps it’s time for Excarmento to be promoted to mismanagement. A special thank you to Clittia, his girl friend for being an extra special hostess. The on after of smoked salmon and roast pig was something we BH3 country wankers don’t have verry much of.

On On Black Foot

Monday, July 16, will be our tropical beach run. Wear your best beach attire and meet at Excrementos house. The address is 13930 Santa Fe Court. There will be exotic food and drinks at the On After so bring five bucks to cover the cost. From highway 99 go west onSparkles highway 58 (Rosedale) about 8 miles. Turn right onto Allen. At the four way stop turn left onto Hageman. Go one mile and turn left onto Patrick. Patrick dead ends into Santa Fe where you go left again and look for the rest of the hashers. Since today was, once again, a typical Bakersfield hot, humid, muggy day, we will enjoy PBR and Mai tais by the tropical beach (I mean pool) at the On After so bring your Hula Honeyswim suit, or don’t, its up to you swim suits not mandatory for Harrieretts.

On On,

Excrementos, The Fresh MakerHey Wankers, this is Excrementos, the fresh maker. I be the hare next Monday but I don’t have the hash stuff. So whoever has it, let me know so I can get it before Monday. Did you all notice the rain and mugginess on Tuesday?? Reminded me of the tropics.
So, since Bako is such a tropical place, we will have a tropical run on Monday. Wear your finest island gear (I’m thinking grass skirts for the Harrieretts and little else) and we will end up at my house for some tropical food and drink. More info to cum.

Finally, how do you like the proposed BH3 Logo…Inspired by me and created by DiaBlower it is still a work in progress. On On,


BH3 Logo


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