Bloodery Nipples Park Run

Wankers, this weeks run will be begin at Almondale Park in North West Bakersfield. Bloodery Nipples is the Hare, Runs Starts at 6:30 pm, bring $3.00 for stale lime chips and PBR. This will also be Red Rockets last run before he heads out to Lagos Nigeria, I’m told he is bringing the has trash for one last look before it goes with him. I’d like to see him explain it at customs.

On On

Rosedale/Greenacres Area

Park Address

5501 Verdugo Lane

Size of Park

12.1 Acres

Park Features

Almondale Park features a group picnic shelter, a gazebo, two softball diamonds (backstops only), family picnic pads, children�s play area, one basketball and two volleyball courts, a multi-purpose field, open play area and restooms.

Park Hours

6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Park Directions

Take Noriega Road west from Calloway Drive to Verdugo Lane. Turn north on Verdugo Lane past Chippewa Avenue and the Almondale Elementary School campus. The park is immediately north of the school on the west side of Verdugo Lane.

Map to Site

Almondale Park Map

Contact Information

(661) 392-2010


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