Farewell Run 4/16 for Dick on a Lip and Red Rocket


The next run on Monday April 16 will be the farewell lay for Dick on a Lip and Red Rocket. Both these infidels are moving on to shittier pastures. To celebrate their time in BH3 (and their departure?), DoL and Red Rocket have graciously volunteered to lay trail for their final BH3 event. Come out to the Metro Recreation Center on Chester Ave. to say goodbye.

The Metro Rec Center – what the hell is that? Nobody calls it that. But it is the home of Stramler Park (think of the beer festival and the crawfish festival) and Sam Lynn Ballpark. Yeah, that place. It’s on Chester Ave., north of the Garces Circle and just south of the Kern River. From Chester Ave. and 24th St. in beautiful downtown Bako, head north on Chester 1/2 mile to the Garces Circle. After a few laps around the circle, puke in your car and continue north on Chester another 1/2 mile, past the Icehouse and the Kern County Museum. Turn left into the parking lot for Sam Lynn Ballpark, go past the stadium to the softball diamonds on the W side of the center. If you cross the river on Chester, turn your sorry ass around, get the hell out of Oildale and go back across the bridge to the baseball stadium. Map at this link.


DoL says 5 miles, 5 beer checks. Can’t remember the last time we had 5 beer checks. Oh yeah, it was last week, when that sadist Cumpond W laid trail. Anyway, bring your $3 and come drink a few last PBRs with DoL and Red Rocket.



Details on “the Last Schmaltz”, farewell lay by Dick on a Lip and Red
Rocket, form the horse’s arse.

Time: Normal Hashing Time

Where: [Sam Lynn Ball Park] Specifically; parking lot at the “Dave
Frye Softball Facility”. There are 11 or so ball diamonds in the park
and 5 different parking lots in there, the Frye field is the furthest to
the left (closest to the RR tracks/Museum in the Southwest corner of the
park)… out of the way. This parking works best for us as there are
bathrooms, trash cans, water fountain and of course lighting??… If we
end up in the dark.

Specifics: Live Trail with myself and Red Rocket laying. 5 Beer
Checks, it’s not bike friendly at all. There will be checks, back
checks, false trails, possibly a turtle or two, tit/dick checks and lots
of laughs for sure. Some shiggy, possibly a fence, a “displaced person”
or two so it’s going to be fun… “A real Teaser.” And it would be up
to them to bring a flashlight or not, the end of the trail may require
light, as the beer checks will drag out the time/loss of daylight. Up
to them. The trail will be marked very well.

No special instructions, No theme other than our farewell jaunt of
Hashing the “Streets of Bakersfield”.




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