Kern River Trail Run Beer Aid Station

Byron W. Moore Photography


Had to stop at the beer near

Results: From FRB to DFL BHHH was well represented at this run. Check out the results

Beer stop at mile 7 was what was needed.Byron W. Moore Photography

Just a reminder that we are looking for additional volunteers to help
man the hash aid station at the Kern River Trail Run this Saturday
morning (March 24, 2007). So far, Mommie Q, Exhibit Whore and Bloodery

Nipples (?) have committed.

Byron W. Moore Photography

For those who have committed to be there, you will need to be at the
Kern River Group Picnic area no later than 7:30 a.m. so we can get set
up at our destination before the front running bastards come along. We
will have both the 10 mile and 20 mile runners coming past our aidByron W. Moore Photography

I have all the beer and the cups. We have plenty of chairs on which to
sit and a table on which to set up our beer.

Please confirm with me that you will be there on Saturday morning and
have a great day today:)

Cool Hare



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