Sycamore, Oak some PO and a Hangover —– Let Us Know If Ya Gonna Go – Rock Hard #14

Read the following click on the Hare, sign and mail the attached and you will be allowed to cum:Cool Hare

This text is small Hashing is an inherently stupid thing to do, and carries possible risks including but not limited to Poison Oak infestation, tripping, falling, alcohol related mishaps, Cougar attacks of both animal and human origin, food poisoning, sleep disorders, unwanted pregnancy, spilled beer, sexually transmitted diseases, ticks, tics rattlesnake bites, chronic liver disease, disability death, and many, many things not mentioned here. I hereby certify that I am participating in this activity at my own risk and I accept responsibility for injuries I may receive as a result of direct or indirect participation in this event. Having read this release and understanding the risks involved, I, for myself and anyone authorized to act on my behalf hereby waive and release the Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers (FCHHH) its sponsors, representatives, and management from any claims or liabilities that may arise from this event, even though that liability may arise out of the carelessness or negligence of persons named in this Release. Further, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold Harmless the Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers, Bakersfield Hash House Harriers, its sponsors, management, representatives, officers and management from any claims which may result from participation in this event.

Sophistica-Hash 2014


CrokDoneMe1In this world of dregs, refuse, riffraff and all manner of deadbeats and government takes or what




Lawrence M. Mead calls “street hustlers, welfare families, drug addicts, and former mental patients”, it is rare (especially among Bakersfield Hash House Harriers) to find someone of class and Sophisticato.





Well Wankers and Harrietts we have not one but two members of our clan Cockadile Done Me and his mate “Boobs a Plenty” or whatever her name is.


Socially well adjusted,  bred of good English stock, no Zacatecas Rancho or Oakie heritage for these folks.

They are world travelers who don’t know where they will be from week to week – Stockholm, London, New Zealand, at the races, boating on the bay.



Well they do have this week free and have taken upon themselves to provide some community service to Hash (think of it like giving cans to the homeless during Christmas) by Haring this week’s run.





Ladies and gentlemen  (I use this term loosely) of Bh3 and beyond see you at Sophistica-Hash 2014.




Event: Sophistica-Hash 2014
Date & Time: Monday September 29, 2014 – 6:30 PM
Start: Sparkle Uniform and linen rental parking lot -121 Monterey St (just off Union and East Entrance to 178)
Fee: $10.00


There will be fences and a little shiggy. No water plenty of dirt – Bring a flashlight

On On Cherrio and all that sort of Hash

CFT’s Birthday – what a great feet – Popophobic Birthday Hash 2014

pretty-feetIn the hash and on the street

Cunt Force Trauma has a thing for FeetBound_Feet 

Pretty princess pinky toes or big fat toes on Union hoes

Flat feet, Puffy feet, Scappy fungus infected Boston Athletic Association Marathon feet


Nailess feet or Chinese princess bound feet


Feet, Feet, Feet How many, many feet can he great


From bib #1 to #69 BH3 Wankers CFT will suck your toes and mine.

It’s CFT’s Birthday this next Hash Time so show the love by adding pics of your feet to this little rhyme. 

Techno T laid the trail.  It’s a combo off road, hills but no water. Possibility of shiggy and includes a walkers trail.


Event: CFT’s Birthday – what a great feet – Popophobic Birthday Hash

Date: Monday Sept 22, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm

Cost: $5.00

Meeting: West End of Panorama Drive Westbluff Ct end of 

Bring a flashlight

On Onbloody_Hash_feet

At Least It's a Dry Heat