BH3 – The First Illegal Aliens – Turkey Surprise Hash and Potluck 2014

1stillegalsFirst the President Obama and now Horsecock Sally has opened the flood gates to illegal aliens so they can have there way with her.  You’ve seen them, they talk funny smell bad and wear those funny clothes.  But what you gonna do they are here to stay and some of the girls are ohhh sooo cute.PirgLdy

So in the spirit of welcoming these newest immigrants circa 1620 and hoping they get right with the law, Horsecock Sally would like to invite the whole BH3 Wanking World to the ranch for Hash and Potluck. Indude

Dress in the your best original illegal alien outfit, see wants you all to play Pilgrims and Indians.

Usual time 6:30 PM, Monday Nov 24th, 2010.

Plus bring a dish for the on after.
Location 5818 south Fairfax rd. 93307 located approximately  3.3 miles south of Hwy 58 in South East Bakersfield.

Dress warm and bring a flashlight.

Butt Hook’s Run For No Reason

catinthehatrunI’ve got nothing so I’ll just steal from myself.

There is absolutely no reason for this run. We’re not running to save some endangered desert rat.  Nor lend support to the recall effort of some activist judge thumbing his nose at the will of the people.  Little Joey is going to have to go someplace else to pay for his chemo, because we’re not going to do it.  The only “Hope” we have for this run is a shiggy trail and an ice chest full of PBR. The election is over so miraculously Ebola has been cured and ISIS is not to be feared. (this is new)

Butt Hook is the Hare so you know what that means, fences and crawling through smelling knee keep sewers oh and it just rained.

What more do you want for $5.00 on a Monday  in Bakersfield.

A abandoned Costco Gilmore St. east of Buck Owens 

6:30PM 11/17/14

Bring flashlight and you might need some sweats.




It’s Not Easy Being We – Aber & Udo Eventing Hash

It’s Not Easy Being We

IMG_7124We look in the mirror each morning to no surprise. Raven or brown hair, chiseled chin, perfect teeth and ohh such perfect eyes.

We know it’s tough for we’ve heard others say – “The worlds not fair, why do we have such hard lives anyway”.

To those we have advice,  come with us we always get our way.

It’s Not Easy Being We047b

Basic is something for the herd – comfy, elite and sobor is what we know.

Why you gonna blame us if Aber, Holly, Tommy and H & M and Giorgio Armani makes us glow.


Others wait for attention while we go to the head of the line.

We sometimes almost feel guilty but we’ve got to go since we’re next in line and besides the party for some reason only starts when we arrive.

So don’t worry about us we’ll be just fine we’ll soon forget about you, because after all someone’s got to be left behind.

It’s Not Easy Being We

MoniAberMaPchb2What can I say perfect is what we were meant to be.

Wankers don’t get left behind – We know life’s short and since yours’ is gone anyway come to our hash and pretend to be us for one day.

Event: It’s Not Easy Being We – Hash 2014
Date: Monday November 10, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM
Cost: $5.00
Location: 500 Shanley Ct, Behind CSUB by Mercy SouthWest Hospital
Bring a flashlight

At Least It's a Dry Heat