Morning Wouldn’t East Bako Hills Hash 2015

mwCome and listen to a story about a hasher named Wim
A poor Bako wanker,  could barely get any head,
Then one day he was getting some back doors at the mint
Next thing you know he’s turned around getting some one’s bubbling goo.
Oil that is, sweet Kern crude.
Well the first thing you know old Wim’s happy lad
Kinfolk said Win move away from there
Said the Mormon Church on Fairfax is the place you ought to be
BH3’s in need of Hashing from that locality.
So they loaded up the prius and moved to East Bako Hills, that is.
Drunken Hasher, 3/2/15 4 Miler, 6:30 PM $5.00 prior to start.

Techno’s BJ Trail 2015

NotRedDressWankers get ready for some Shiggy, Tumbleweeds, Sandy Trail and that hottest of Harrietts Techno-Twat to chase after.

Sounds like a good Monday to me.

Monday’s 2/23/16 will meet behind BJ’s restaurant at 10750 Stockdale Highway North parking in between Riverwalk park. Regular time 6:30pm, Cost $5.0 It’s going to be dark so Techno suggests you bring a flashlight for all to see what you are up to.


boyCutout girlCutoutHey, some hashes just name themselves.   Such is today’s run which is sponsored by our renaissance hare, that polymath of running with beer and master of all double entendre hash related linguistics Motley Spew.

Today’s 2/16/15 trail will start at the (a freeway will soon run thorough it) Wild West shopping center, Stockdale and Real Rd at the end of Hwy 58.  Meet in the back lot on Elcia and So Real Rd.

With temperature near 80 let’s call the run. The take off your pants and jack it run. ( And you thought it was more) Bring five bucks and no sweat pants or jackets. Time: 6:30pm.

At Least It's a Dry Heat