————– wankers ——————— LAST YEAR —- I quit teaching for the sanity ———————————– Real Estate money – Available for all your future homeowner needs.

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————— when Womb Broom and I didn’t cum to Hash the whole month of June, I ———— get the message. ————- “Schools Out For Ever” ——————– BBQ ————- I want a bunch of ——————— people – ———————– stepin all over my grass, drinking my beer and ——– in my jazuzzi and pool. ————— show up, ————- want you ——– ——————– —– ———————————– to cum —— this ——– — my —- Schools Out for Summer Fajitas & Beer Hash, it’s —————- $20 bucks —–. no IOU’s —————— for BringEm.cropped-30863_1449571724131_1378354391_31208750_1945905_n.jpg

FYI ——– you one time Hashers allowed!!!! I’ll —————————— e-plain ——————————— Wanker about Hashing. You don’t know ask —————– next weeks Hash. ——————– Hare ——————————————-.


information about Hash is as follows:

Event: 17 Annal (———-) BH3 Margaritas, Fajitas & Beer Run
Date: Monday July 14, 2014
Meet Centennial High School by Football Field 6:30 PM https://goo.gl/maps/KtMQi
Cost: $20 – Text or FB if you are coming. I had ——– Bean Dip last year —– Diablower ——- want to take it home. ———————— Diamond ————.
Towel and trunks and I —— want to see —- rude and or crude behaviours.

Lovingly your Harriett Dammit Janet and my assistant Womb Broom

Smoochies Wet Willie Virgin Lay 2014



You’ve done one Hash, maybe you’ve graced us with two.  Well let me tell you, you’ve not hashed until…..

You’ve tiny packaged, jump over walls, ran through drain pipes, down downed three shots, been told to “get out of my way you mo..f..ker c*nt a$$ b#tch or I’m gonna run you over mo..f.. ***** pshcho! ” Smoochied Hash.Smoochi3

Well you are in luck.  Rather than beat you down with her words she has decided to pop her cherry – yes this is her virgin hash – and hare this Mondays so called run. 

After which she promises a wet willie, or at least a hose down from some random neighbor’s yard.   I don’t know I stopped paying attention when she said get prepared to get wet.

Smoochi4So cum on down down and enjoy Smoochies Virgin Lay you can ALL be the first to experience her love of Hash.





Event: Smoochies Wet Willie Virgin Lay
Date: Monday July 7, 2014
Location: Seasons park on Harris Rd near Stine. https://goo.gl/maps/Cu6pF
Theme: Hot and Bothered
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $5

At Least It's a Dry Heat