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Rock Hard Hash 13 – Return to the Fur


Wanks and Wankettes,
If you are going to attend the annual Rock Hard Hash this year you should print out the attached rego, fill it out, and mail it to Butthook per the instructions on the form. His address is shown on the form. The deadline for you to have the benefit of the lowest fee is for the rego to be postmarked July 31 which is tomorrow. Do it today!

Currently we have a very low head count for BHHH hashers that have sent in their form indicating they will attend. If we don’t meet a minimum number of attendees we will have to cancel the event. The costs to put on the event cannot be covered unless we get enough registration fees. So, again, if you plan to attend send it in. Let’s do it.

Please find attached the flyer for RHH 13. Fill out the rego part (second page) and send it in today to Butthook. We are attempting to get a HEAD (Head? who said that…blah blah blah) count so that we can get enough T Shirts and plan for food and beer, hence the need to know if you’re going. For RHH 13 we will return to the Fir Group campground, the site where RHH5 took place. If memory serves me correct there was much to be said for the Fir, so we will return to the FUR once again. Located just outside Sequoia National Park it is a great place to escape the valley heat and have a great weekend of hashing. So don’t hesitate, don’t meditate, don’t deviate, just do it! Notice that if you wait until August to send in your reservation the price goes up so do it now.
On On!

Click to access rock_hard_hash_2013.pdf

Infamous BH3 1040 Hash 2013


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Monday is April 15, and taxes are due April 15. Give it up. Quit trying to defeat the byzantine tax code and come out for a cold PBR instead. Since our next Hash falls on Tax Day, the trail for Monday, April

I am sam

I am sam

15, will be the infamous BH3 1040 run. That means a simpler than normal trail with more beer checks than normal – 10 beer checks in recognition of the despised 1040 form.

The hare for this sacreligious event will be Butthook with assistance from an assortment of infirm BH3 hashers – Diamond Dick, Limp Noids, Bring’em Young, etc. The run will start from the parking lot on the north side of Patriots Park, on Fjord St. Map to the start location at this link:

Bring $5 and leave your friggin’ calculator at home. Diamond Dick will finish your returns while you are out on trail and guarantee that you get a ginormous refund, and possibly a new address next door to Bernie Madoff.

See you there.


Boston Marathon 2013 update: Hashers Rey and Denni are ok.  Safe trip home to all other Bakersfield runners. 




SLO’s Heinz 57 St Patty’s Day Hash 2013

SLOSLO – Jap, fraul, mad hatter, goth or Mexican in her dreams – 69 percent of the people with her non-Hash last name are black. So it makes perfect sense this Harriett would be born on St Patrick’s Day. Talk about the Luck of the Irish.

Her visits to Hash are always a treat, you never know who you are going to meet. The sweet girl full of hugs and smiles, the muse or the bitch. Hashers warning stay away from the one that bites.

So in celebration of her Heinz 57 heritage birthday SLO is going to Hare this year’s St Patty’s day Bakersfield Pub Crawl. The trail will start at the Fox Theater, at corner of H and 20th Sts. in beautiful downtown Bako. Map to the A at this link:

She will be celebrating St. Patty’s on the wrong day nonetheless all wankers are strongly encouraged to wear green or SLO will hunt you down and either steal your hat or spank you.

Cost for this trail is $10. Sounds like SLO may be shooting for a whole new level of drunkeness and disorganization at the down-down circle after the trail has been run. You don’t want to miss that.

See you there.
ON ON!!So cum in you favorite Irish get up.