Not hash Monday, Nov 16


We will not have a run on Monday, Nov 16, after the going-away hash for Bloodery Nipples and Mahardon on Saturday.

Huge thanks to Blood Plug and Mount Me Here for putting on the Sayonara Hash. The barbecue was great. And thanks to all the BH3 wanks for all the sides and desserts. The whole thing was outstanding. And a special note of gratitude goes to Blood Plug for scoring a keg of PBR for the occasion.

Next run will be on Monday, Nov 23. Stay tuned for details.


Granny Lays Trail, No Wait She IS THE TRAIL –

Fellow Wankers, even for Hashers this news has got to be wierd.

Running club gran’s ashes to provide trail for jogging route


Fun-loving gran Stevie Wood’s family scattered her ashes – to provide the trail for a five-mile jog.

Dozens of Hardy Hash House Harriers, who describe themselves as “a drinking club with a running problem”, normally follow a line of flour across the countryside.

But when members’ friend Stevie – real name Gladys – died aged 84 in Weymouth, Dorset, relatives decided that mixing in her remains would be a fitting send-off.

Son-in-law Geoff Kirby, 68, is one of the social set who meet every Sunday as part of an international network of nearly 2,000 groups of Hash House Harriers.

They were founded in the 30s by English expats in Malaysia who liked to run off weekend hangovers.

And Geoff said: “Stevie would have approved fully. She was always the last to leave a party.”

Daughter Sandy, 58, added: “We suggested the Stevie Wood Memorial Hash as mum loved Dorset even though she was a Geordie by birth. She was simply great fun.”

Red Rocket and Rocket Silo

PLEASE SEND TO BHHH LISTSERV on behalf of Red Rocket and Rocket Silo
Hear ye, hear ye, all thou wankers,

The Red Rocket, which will likely sputter after take-off and likely lose its course along the way, will eventually be landing in a very hot, damp, dark, and moist place…. yes, Lagos, the capitol of Nigeria.

I’ve been told of a strong Hash group there. If you thought running in Bakersfield summer heat while wearing the Hashit was bad, think about running in an equatorial jungle while carrying a AK47… all the while drinking really shitty beer. Some of the shiggy likely to be found on Nigerian trail: strange diseases, unidentifiable parasites, killer reptiles & insects, land mines, and super low quality Nollywood films (yes, the third biggest movie industry in the world is based in Lagos: Hollywood, then Bollywood, then Nollywood).

I’ll be shipping out in just a few weeks, so I’ll make sure to invite you to my going away party. Whatever you do, don’t bring any good beer. Rocket Silo will be moving to Austin, Texas and I’m going to Nigeria…. Who gets the better end of this deal?

Details to come.

On On,