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Events that are even more of a misfit than usual.

Sycamore, Oak some PO and a Hangover —– What could be better than Rock Hard #14

Read the following click on the Hare, sign and mail the attached and you will be allowed to cum:Cool Hare

This text is small Hashing is an inherently stupid thing to do, and carries possible risks including but not limited to Poison Oak infestation, tripping, falling, alcohol related mishaps, Cougar attacks of both animal and human origin, food poisoning, sleep disorders, unwanted pregnancy, spilled beer, sexually transmitted diseases, ticks, tics rattlesnake bites, chronic liver disease, disability death, and many, many things not mentioned here. I hereby certify that I am participating in this activity at my own risk and I accept responsibility for injuries I may receive as a result of direct or indirect participation in this event. Having read this release and understanding the risks involved, I, for myself and anyone authorized to act on my behalf hereby waive and release the Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers (FCHHH) its sponsors, representatives, and management from any claims or liabilities that may arise from this event, even though that liability may arise out of the carelessness or negligence of persons named in this Release. Further, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold Harmless the Fresno Clovis Hash House Harriers, Bakersfield Hash House Harriers, its sponsors, management, representatives, officers and management from any claims which may result from participation in this event.

Morning Wooden’s Hash Re-Hash

The past month we’ve had392037_3028490677134_1202235631_n

  • Red Dress Run
  • Cunt Force Trauma’s Hart Park Best Kern River Ever Run
  • Diamond Dick’s Chuy’s On Wilson Cloverleaf Hash and
  • Cum Pond W’s Man Hash Run

With such a great string of runs what would you guess this week’s hare was gonna do.  Well let me tell you soon to be Dr Morning Wooden PhD ABD will do what he’s done best the past 5 years, a little bit of plagiarism.

This Monday’s Labor Day run will be30863_1449570764107_7548798_n[1]gin at the Hart Park Sheriff’s shooting range parking in the dirt park next to Toads Hill.  Why I’ll bet there’ll be hills, running through the park and perhaps jumping in to Kern River. Wankers and Harrietts it’s gonna be the best Hart Park River run ever, since the last best Hart Park River run three weeks ago. 45393_871672898781_217984635_n

See you there at Morning Wooden’s Original Research (wink wink) hash this Labor Day Monday. As with all Hash expect the same $hitty $alty $nacks and crappy beer.428632_712242169241_1968064247_n



Event: Morning Wooden’s Hash Re-Hash
Date: Monday (Labor Day) September 1, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm
Fee: $5.00
If I forgot anything else see CFT Run link.

Unlike this Hash this text is 100 percent original content.

Unlike the contents of the Hash this text is 100 percent original content.

BH3 Obtrudes Seattle

BH3 Wankers get a pass for missing this weeks Hash. Hola!! Don’t forget to vote for ‘Fan Favorite’ Sriracha Before Muchachas. Text Car35 to 66937 and and share, share, SHARE!! Max of 10 votes!! 🐓>10577210_1471786826426923_7365267521866809398_n[1]