Hash 12/5/22 – Back from Primm Cold n Wet Hash

Diablower just got out of rehab, Diamond Dick is finally home after getting lost in the desert (of course) and Hill Billy Monk is finishing off the last dozen loose harrietts (or hookers – couldn’t tell) he found on trail.

Given no wanks have stepped to hare (not that was asked) – Fckn Jose will lead what’s left of our sad trope of BH3 drunks and dullards on a brief ie short run of less than 2 miles / 1 or lazy 2 beer checks. .

Meet at the parking lot of the CHP mamorrial corner Buck Owens and Rio Mirada between Hwy 99 off ramp and Golden State interchange. 6:30pm

Bring $5, fleshlights, warm cloths, a newbie, the hash$hit and who ever has the beer and crappy snacks. Given the drugs are finally leaving his system expect low, low and low expectations for this run. This will be one to forget.