How desperate can this group get?

Alright y’all. You guys pressured me like prom sex into making trail, so I did. It’s a shitty trail, but it’s a trail. The trail is composed of running, followed by drinking, followed by more drinking. Let’s be honest, I’m just the filler untill next week’s RED DRESS RUN. Bring $5 and low standards. At 630, everyone meet parking lot of 24hr fitness. Fitness deez nuts
7901 McNair Ln


On Sun, May 8, 2022, 3:34 PM Andrew Gaeta <andrewgaeta661> wrote:

I definitely made someone a future Mom last night run

Alright Hashers, you forced me to make a trail. So now i will make you all pay… 5 bucks that is. we start at 630, i will arrive about 620 from the gym down the street, so dont panic if you get there before me. I marked the meeting spot behind the popeyes on coffee and district. Next to the dennys.