Hook is Pissed…..prepare for fences, dogs and someone to die – well at least he said please

Event: Hook is Pissed Hash 4/10/17
Location: Rollerama skating rink at 7850 Brimhall Rd.
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: Your lives and $5.00


Can one of you PLEASE post the run info on the goddam BH3 website. WTF?


Bloody, please post on BH3 website.



Next hash run will be Monday, April 10. This trail will be hared by Butthook. Start location is the Rollerama skating rink at 7850 Brimhall Rd., just east of Coffee Rd. Park behind the building, on the north side. Map to the A at this link: https://goo.gl/maps/ADXSJfxrPA82

No championship events are scheduled for this cumming Monday, so this will not be a curtailed run. In fact, this trail will partially make up for last Monday’s abortion. Expect 5+ miles, 3 beer checks.

Gathering time is 6:30, pack is off at +6:45. Bring $5 for the extreme privilege of running this trail and feasting on cold beer and whatever shitty snacks are left over from Diamond Dick’s jigsaw puzzle piece trail.