Dark Beer & Canadian Immigration Services Fill Out Forms Hash ’16

flag_of_canada#onon BH3 Wankers and Harrietts @USA has some dark (*>_<*) days ahead (head who said head) cum 2 so BH3 invites all 12 million soon to be deported undocumented immigrants to our dark beer hash 11/14 6:30 pm.

Our meeting location will be @Young&Scobee off Pacheco/Harris/Gosford on the other side of the Wall with Walmart.  Bring $5 US/Canada/Mexico Pesos and a flashlight to guide – Crampon-Coackadile-Diablower-and somebody named Maid of Mist out the back door.  Even though he’s not cum to hash in years add Union JackAss(Off) to this mix as well. Basically anyone who looks foreign or has been acting strangely these past few years.



Has someone seen my papers?

Our Raven hard phlat chested Hare Smoochie will lead us through a trail maze of back street hide outs and perhaps a tunnel and fence  and escape route Chapo himself would have been proud to call his own. Immigrants bring your papers, nonimmigrants bring them as well, might as well get used to the immigration check points cumming to Arvin, Lamonts, Shafer, Wasco, McFarland, Delano and East Bakersfield.

Event: Dark Beer & Canadian Immigration Services Fill Out Forms Hash ’16
Date: 11/14/16
Time: 18:30
Cost: $5 US/Canada/Mexican Peso
Location: http://w3w.co/charms.lunatics.quantity