Just AMADO and Just SPENCER’s Safe Space Hash 2016


The ability to discuss, in a civilized and thoughtful manner the pros-cons of one political system or another, among members of BHHH is about as low as other measure comparing this dustry $hit hole of a town with (except perhaps Fresno) the world. Even worse, as if it could be, the fate of our great nation is in the hands of same-sex loving, entitled everyone gets a trophy for showing up, narcissistic, selfie taking, Generation Me, Millennial spoiled brats.

Which leads me to our hares, Just AMADO and Just SPENCER (our very own Beavis and Butt-head of hash) neither of which apparently could handle the stress of laying trail by themselves. So BH3 wankers far and wide cum to Hash tomorrow to Just AMADO and Just SPENCER’s safe space at the end of College Ave cross from Fairfax Rd and be prepared to let them know that the’ll be be #1 as the $hitties BH3 Hash of the year.

For Dierections click on the safe words for this Hash Rumbles Necessary Likewise



ON ON WANKERS. elections are around the corner and we have two idiots that running for president of the gREAT NATion of NORTH MEXICO!!!! ARRIBA!!! Luckily we have our very own two idiots running their virgin hash. Let’s show these bicurious best friends some support on their cuming out of the closet celebration!!!

Just AMADO and Just SPENCER … who brought these guys anyways???

7100 College Ave . Or something near that.

End of college Ave just east of fairfax!!!!

Prepare for shiggy and sand! Experience what illegal immigrants like myself have to deal with when sneaking into north Mexico!!!!!!!