Yield Tighter Procedure – Hash and mobile health clinic


“Turn your heads and cough, good, now bend over. This won’t hurt a bit”

OK Wankers, I’ve had mine. Now it’s your turn.

As summer cums to an end and the flu season begins, Crusty Edges and Every Other Asshole, are so concerned about all you wankers and harrietts health that they’ll be performing free anal probes and fun bag folds. They’ll take cash, check and for all you, and soon to be unemployed, Oil fcks Obama care.

What: Hash Monday Sept 19, 2016

Where to begin, while at the namesake hash location of http://w3w.co/yield.tighter.procedure

Otherwise known as Polo Park, located at Noriega and Old Farm Rds, next to Freedom Middle School in Rosedale north of Hageman.
It’s getting later and since Obama Care won’t pay for medical gear you’ll have to bring your own flashlights and latex gloves.

Normal time 6:30 p.m. Normal fee $5.