So You Think You Can Hunt PokeHash 2016


107731pokemonDRUNK4Let’s see the premise of Pokemon Go is to run around strange places never knowing if you will find an odd assortment of creature with its own name and special powers.

Sounds like Hash to me…..

RREMOJI_8So move over junior let the pros show you how to do it.  Crampton the deviant will lead us (if you can call it that) on a (trail) hunt looking for (beer nears) gyms where we will collectively do battle with $hitty beer, all to be followed by an offer of more $hitty beer and $tale $hitty $halty $nacks.pokemonDRUNK5pokemonDRUNK2pokemonDRUNK3pokemonDRUNK1pokemonCREW
His Pokehash will begin behind the baseball diamonds off Jewetta and Stockdale (see W3W).  Assuming the usual 3 mile, 3 beer gym checks, hopefully some good shiggy so bring you condom socks just in case.



Event: PokeHash 2016
PokeDate: Monday July 18, 2016
PokeTime: 6:30pm
PokeCost: No balls accepted bring $5 dollars, euros or pesos pokemonBLING pokemon0004pokemon0003 RREMOJI_10 RREMOJI_4RREMOJI_1 RREMOJI_3RREMOJI_2



Member: Boys don’t forget your condom socks