#onon Smirkin’s meet Cindy Teng Hash 2015

Hi, Any hash on next Monday? How I can subscribe to follow hashing events? So for example, I didn’t know there was a hash today simply because I didn’t receive any email from hashers. 😉 Wink wink

Cindy hope you feel better. I know you really want to cum to hash. Well lucky for you we have a trail every Monday 6:30 pm. This next run, November 23rd, our hare a genuine America hero Smirkin Merkin will lead the pack from Patriots Park located across from West High School. The park is on Fjord st near New Stine. See link below. Cost is regular $5.00 but could be $6:00. It will be dark and a little cold, so bring a head (head whi said head I’ll have some if that) lamp, sweat pants and hoody. You will need these especially for down downs.

So there you have it. Pleeeze have the answers for the test ready. Also have not yet received you tit pics, I need them to compare when you show them off at hash. You realize identy theft is a big deal on the internet. Never know if people on the other end are who they say they are.

Looking forward to seeing them, I mean you, next Monday.

Link to A.