Not the Red Dress San Miguel Grove Run – 2015

NotRedDressWankers and Harrietts, this is not your Red Dress Run. It’s the virgin hash of just Arlene and just Marcos. Cum support these hare newbiees as they take us through an adventure to who know where.  SanMiguelGroveSheriffIt begins along the Kern River bed at the Tree Foundation of Kern San Miguel Commemorative Grove off Denise Avenue and Manor Street just north of the Panorama Bluffs.

From there we could end up at the nearby bluffs, the Dale or even Deja Vu (where most of Squat and Hover’s former students work) this run has endless possibliitties.

arlenerrA note of safety, don’t mind the guys in drag or the ones sitting alone in the vehicles, they are not with us, in addition the Sheriff’s car stationed there is for our safety.



SanMiguelGroveDudeEvent: Not the Red Dress San Miguel Grove Run – 2015
Date: Monday February 2, 2015
Location: San Miguel aka Drag Hookup Commemorative Grove
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5.00
XX miles XX beer Checks
Map to A:
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