CFT’s Birthday – what a great feet – Popophobic Birthday Hash 2014

pretty-feetIn the hash and on the street

Cunt Force Trauma has a thing for FeetBound_Feet 

Pretty princess pinky toes or big fat toes on Union hoes

Flat feet, Puffy feet, Scappy fungus infected Boston Athletic Association Marathon feet


Nailess feet or Chinese princess bound feet


Feet, Feet, Feet How many, many feet can he great


From bib #1 to #69 BH3 Wankers CFT will suck your toes and mine.

It’s CFT’s Birthday this next Hash Time so show the love by adding pics of your feet to this little rhyme. 

Techno T laid the trail.  It’s a combo off road, hills but no water. Possibility of shiggy and includes a walkers trail.


Event: CFT’s Birthday – what a great feet – Popophobic Birthday Hash

Date: Monday Sept 22, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm

Cost: $5.00

Meeting: West End of Panorama Drive Westbluff Ct end of 

Bring a flashlight

On Onbloody_Hash_feet