Diamond’s Tour de Chuy’s 2014


It’s time for Diamond‘s Tour de Chuy’s run. This is the infamous trail that fans out in all directions from Chuy’s Southwest, looking kind of like a crossword puzzle. While there is a perfectly respectable parking lot in front of Chuy’s, this is aDiamond Dick run and we will not avail ourselves of that amenity of civilized society. Instead, we will meet in the alley behind the strip mall and savor the fragrance of all the dumpsters back there. Aromatherapy for Hashers.

Map to Chuy’s Southwest location, at SE corner of Wilson and New Stine. A on the map is Chuy’s, B on the map is dumpster heaven.

Normal stuff – 6:30 meeting time, $5 run fee, cold beer, crappy snacks, airborne Cheetos.