Hares are F.A.G and Chris Tilley. Don’t know what they are up to.

IMG_0647 IMG_0648I guess they have been busy with other things.  I’m sure they will tell us before Hash is supposed to start. Probably in Bakersfield, and probably 6:30 pm (bring a head lamp) and probably cost $5:00 for cheap Frito Lay Snacks and PBR. On On I Hope.

Wankers, heed the worlds our SLO (our very own BH3 Siren of wisdom beauty and beer – well two of three ain’t bad)  “the last oildale run was scary!!!”   No hooker Hash run down south Union, or Niles and Bakers street East Side run can compare in fright to the bull dogs and their odder owners we saw on our last Hash through the “08”.  For you Hashers to brave or to stupid to know better see you at River Park off Willow Drive at 6:30 pm.  I’ll be there so what does that say.  Bring your head laps and pepper spray….

Link to park: http://www.norfun.org/Facilities/Riverview/riverview.html

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