Butt Hook’s 9 Ho’s of Fun – Analyule BH3 Golf Run

Eye Candy CaddyBH3,

It’s time for the Analyule BH3 Golf Run. For the uninitiated, that is a regular hash trail divided into 9 legs. And just as in golf, where a beer is drunk after each hole (at least as played by true hashers), we will drink beer at the end of each leg of the trail.

The trail will start at the Laurelglen Bible church, at the SW corner of Ashe Rd. and Half Moon Dr. Check in at the start house at6:30 with the course marshal, Butthook. The caddy shack is in the parking lot to the west of the clubhouse. Tee time is 6:45.

The greens fees are incredibly low – only $5 for this prestigious event. As always, appropriately horrid attire is expected and appreciated.

See you there.

Map to the clubhouse: http://goo.gl/maps/Z7RwK

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