Dammit Janet’s SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER run


In honor of her retirement from teaching, you are cordially invited to Dammit Janet’s SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER run. Yes, it’s true. Dammit Janet will no longer be ruling her classroom with an iron fist, patrolling the halls and otherwise terrorizing the little darlings at Shafter High……err this is what she wants to you believe. The real story is that she began teaching 10 years ago and for 9 ½ years the school district has been trying to get rid of her. Dam union bosses….anyway she and her students are now free.

She is celebrating by volunteering to lay a bitchin’ trail and following that up with fajitas and margaritas after the run at DJ and Womb Broom’s house.

The trail will start from Centennial High school. Meet in the lot on Hageman Rd. near the football stadium.
Map to the A at this link: http://goo.gl/maps/ZnDBH

Bring $10 for a contribution to DJ’s retirement fund.

Subject: 20th Annual Margaritas and Fajitas Run???Schools out forever!

BH3 Run June 17th 6:30 pm

20th (?) Annual Margarita and Fajitas Run

June 17th……6:30 pm….$10.00

Meet at Centennial High School Parking Lot on Hageman


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