Natalie’s Bad As You Want to Be Punishment Hash 2013


You know you have been bad, we know you have been bad, your o’lady/o’man know you have been bud. Heck the whole Hash world knows you have been bad – and for that you have to be punished – and not in a good way. Harritett Natalie, (who knows a thing or two about being bad) has take it as her calling to make you pay for your sins. Her penance upon you will be a 4 miles hash through the hot and dusty hills of the Rio Bravo Country club area on the far East side of Bakersfield. In her infinite mercy, (and consideration that only a four wheel coroner’s truck will bee needed to pickup your sun-baked, rattlesnake, kit fox or coyote bitten up carcass) the run will also include 3 beer checks.

So Wankers and Harrietts be prepared to grovel before this mistress of running pain. However don’t expect her to care, or even remember your sorry a$$ name beyond this Monday’s run.

Event: Natalie’s Bad As You Want to Be Punishment Hash 2013
Date: Monday May 20, 2013
Location: Solera Park — 178 East to Miramonte… Turn right on Miramonte, park on Miramonte and meet at the very back of the park. (rich folk won’t want to see us drinking near the kids toys) Link to A:
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $5.00

Theme: Pain…

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