Brokeback Babe Harriet Kim’s Virgin Hash

Monday’s hash will be a virgin lay by our very own Brokeback Babe Harriet Kim and her horse Jet!

Guys you got an incline for some langosta but filling a little guilty about it, well tell your mom not to worry this splenditude of a senorita will set you STRAIGHT.

Other than our eye candy of a hare this should be a regular run along the beautiful dry Kern River riverbed. If you ride a bike bring your mountain bike if you have a horse bring it?

Expect the usual $hitty beer PBR and $hitty $alty $tale $nacks.

Event: Brokeback Babe Harriet Kim’s Virgin Hash
Date: Monday October 8, 2012
Location: San Miguel Grove at Denise off of Manor.
Directions: From downtown Bakersfield take 178 get off on Union. Turn left (North) go about 1 mile as road dips and turns to Manor turn left on first stoplight.
Short Link to A:
Time: 6:30 pm
Cost: $5…….

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