Bringem’s Shitty Beer Filled Evening Of Shiggy, HOT Temperatures And Dusty Trails Hash 2012

Hey Wanks,
It’s Bringem with the exciting details of Mondays Hash!
Yes, you will be thrilled to know that it’s going to be an ordinary, boring, shitty beer filled evening of shiggy, hot temperatures and dusty trails.
You’ll find yourself saying “ WTF am I doing here” but don’t fret to much you’ll be in good company. Oh, I forgot it’s Hash isn’t it! Well forget that last statement.
Here’s the the poop for the pack;
The A is across the street from the AAA building on Truxton.
From Truxtun and Mohawk go east on truxtun to the first turn through the median and go into the the little park.
Look for Bringem and Stools. Simple huh.
Bring 5 bucks and as always, a newbie for Bringem to play with.
6:30 pm, Monday, August 20th. Bike path park across the street from AAA.
On On Bringem.

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