Butthook’s BH3 Dry Heat Run 2012











BH3 Wankers and Harriets,

Butthook is the hare for the next run on Monday, July 16. Trail will start from the Rio Bravo Market, at the intersection of Lake Ming Road and Alfred Harrell Hwy east of Hart Park. Map to the A at this link: http://goo.gl/maps/1o5H

Due to the heat, your friendly hare promises this trail will not be very long. However, that does not necessarily mean the total absence of blood, sweat and tears. In other words, a typical Hash run.

Bring $5 for your weekly fix of the Hash Sacrament – i.e. PBR – and the usual assortment of crappy snacks officially condemned by that notable American patriot – Michael Bloomberg and advocate for our nations children’s health – Michelle Obama. (Note: The content of this last sentence was modified from the original author’s. At this time we didn’t want to accommodate visitors from our local friendly office of the Secret Service.)


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