Mammorial Day Hash 2012

Welcum to our newest Hasher MiniBH3. He knows what he is looking for.
Now drink chug-a-lug, drink chug-a-lug drink drink drink

Mammorial Day Hash 2012-Update

The Mammorial Hash will be hosted on Monday, May 28, by harriette Suzie at her home, 1107 Charterten Ave.  Map to the A at this link:
It’s Memorial Day, so get your best red/white/blue patriotic duds out.  Wonder Woman costumes are encouraged.
After the run, there will be swimming and barbecue in the back yard.  Bring your swimsuit and something to grill, if you want to hang around and barbecue.  Suzie will provide condiments (or perhaps condoments) of some sort.
To make time for this, we will start a little earlier than usual.  Show up between 5:30 and 6:00, because
        RUN WILL START AT 6:00 P.M.
Bring $5, a swimsuit and towel, and something to grill.
ON ON !!

OK Wankers here is what we know about this years Mammorial Day Hash.

The Hare for this Hash is <fill in here>. It will be a <fill in here> mile run that will begin from <fill in here>. The starting time is <fill in here> and cost will be <fill in here>.

We would also like to give a big BH3 Hash welcum to our newest member – Hasher MiniBH3. See you there On On.

Ahhh F*#K !t just look at the picture.

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