Cumpond W Kern Float 2011


Cumpond W is arranging a run/float/barbecue for Labor Day Monday Sept 4th.

Plan is to meet at a house on Goodmanville Rd., west of Hart Park, on Monday at 12:30 p.m. We’ll have about a 3 mile run from the house, get in the river in Hart Park and float on inner tubes back to the house, and have a barbecue there. We need to be out of there by about 6:30 Monday evening.
It is IMPERATIVE that we have an accurate head count for this event. Please respond by phone or email before noon on Saturday, Sept 3, if you want to participate. We need to know how many tubes we need, how much beer to get and how much food to buy. If you want to do the run and barbecue but not the float, please let us know that, too.

BH3 has some tubes, but if you have tubes of your own, please bring them – inflated – to the run start. And let us know how many tubes you are bringing so we don’t bring too many, or too few, to the A.

Cumpond W is estimating a cost of about $15 for run, beer and food. Cost will depend somewhat on head count, so it is really important that you
1) are SURE you want to do this, and
2) make sure you respond by noon Saturday.

We really don’t want people who say yes and not show up.  And we REALLY don’t want people showing up Monday who have not indicated they are in.

Details on location to follow.


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