CALM before the Storm – Bringem’s Fantasy Harriett Hash 2011

We all live in our own worlds (some more removed than others) none of course is more out there than Bringem.  See instructions below for Bringem’s CALM before the Storm  – Fantasy Harriett Hash.

Hey all you Wankers,

The next Hash Run will start from across from CALM on Alfred Harrell Rd. out past Hart Park.

This run will be about 2 ½ miles with three beer checks and is an A to B run. Be ready for some hills and shiggy.

Don’t let shiggy and hills scare you, just think of that cold shitty beer!!!

The cost is the normal 5 bucks and bring a newbie for old Bringem to play with!!

If you’ve got to dress up make it something light and revealing lady’s.

You dudes wear what ever. 6:30, across from CALM, A to B and don’t worry, you won’t be far from your cars.

Remember the Rock Hard is cumming soon, so get registered and see you Monday.

On, On.


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