Jason Loves Robert Hash 2011

Beer Dreams

OK we are an open Hash and it’s the Hare’s prerogative to pick the theme. So here it goes.  This weeks run is the Jason’s man love for Robert Downey Jr.’s Birthday Hash.  (At least I think that is what he told me).  In the words of our obscure celebrity loving Hare “What better way to celebrate his (Robert Downey Jr.’s) illustrious career than with a run. The Hookers and Blow run…or come as your favorite Robert Downey Jr. character – Ironman-Sherlock Holmes-Chaplin…..or whatever you want to make up.”

In other words cum as your own favorite drunken/drugged out celebrity alive, dead or soon to be dead ie Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, Lindsey Logan, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Judy Garland, Anna Nicole Smith, Jim Morrisson or my favorite W.C. Fields. Take your pick

Event: Jason’s Man Love For Robert Hash 2011

Location: 1801 Oak Street 93301. Behind the Park Plaza Office –

Date: Monday April 4, 2011

Time: 6:30 PM

Cost 6 $Bucks

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