Maxim Protection – Nanny Hash 2010


Caution hazard out front

Michelle Obama wants to protect you from greasy hamburger and fryed corn dogs; the TSA is protecting you from Islamo-Facisit-Communist-Illegal alien French-Canadians and now Hashers Eric and Nolan want to make their virgin lay a course titled Maxim Safety.  Good thing to given that Porno Pipi almost killed half the Hash crossing 24th street.  We knew there was danger out there just didn’t know it was one of our own that was out to get us.  So just in case we have to run down a busy street with no streetlights dress up in reflective gear and flashing protective equipment.  Don’t have the equipment head on down to Zingos on Buck Owens in the bathroom for 3 quarters you can buy yourself some Maxim Protection.


Event: Maxim Protection Hash

Date: Monday, February 28th, 2010

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Wilson road and Larson lane (off 99 south of Valley Plaza)

Cost: $5 – blame the increase on those Union Workers making PBR

Bring protection gear including a flashlight and be careful out there.

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