Somewhere Over The Ramblow 2010

We represent the BH3 Guild, the BH3 Guild The BH3 Guild, and we’d like to welcome you to the MUNCHKIN RUN! For Monday the 19th, the yellow brick road starts at the back door of Logan’s on California & 99. What? You think they would allow us in the front entrance? Sure wish the Lil’ wife were like that!

Hey, we’ll even let ya in on a dirty little secret Dorothy, the cost of $6 for the run includes the on after FOOD AND BEER(as long as you like PBR on tap any other beer is your problem)!

Ramblow has been considerate to us “little people” and made the entire run less than ½ mile because we have such short legs. He did promise 2 beer checks though! Now if only we could get him to pay more than .25 cents an hour the cheap bastard.

So We’re off to see the Ramblow, the wonderful Ramblow of OZ!

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