Wim’s – Who Is The April Fool 7,546 yard to 11,104.5 meter run

Wankers, I think there is a run below with a starting time and location. March 29, 2010

Heyowdy Bimbos and Wankers,

Get ready to be April Fools for doing Wim?s Wild are.you.in. number two?

With a hearty vell-cummin you?ve been summoned to hash like fools.  April cums early this year, she said something about sneaking a long peak on Palm Sunday, and I bet she can?t wait for Good Friday, but she just can?t wait?

This lay is gonna be a wild hair up the ass, that or the hare?s a wild ass. The joke?s on someone (egg on whose face?), just kidding a long hard lay is my way of showing my appreciation.

So, I?ll keep some of it a mystery, but this top to bottom (A to B ,that?s right we?re not finishing where we started) will be between 6.9 kilometers and 6.9 miles. There will be at least one beer check, but no more than ten (and probably 3), and some of it should seem familiar. The A will be at the north part of the intersection of Panorama and Columbus (http://tinyurl.com/ygq4amc) you hopped a fence there last time (and you?re going to this time as well)? oh, and I promise to use flour, so you can ignore the fluorescent orange paint just like you did last time.

As always, hashers should bring attire appropriate for cold weather conditions, a flashlight, hash cash, new shoes, and as always underwear is optional.

The Hare is off at 6:15, with the pack to follow at 6:30 so don?t straggle, show up early and have a PBR.

Da Wimsta

PS. If you would like/ be willing to meet me at the B by 5:45 so I can shuttle you to the start please give me a call or pass along a message.

PPS. If you are allergic to hills, and would prefer to auto-hash/ beer-check, I also encourage you to kindly let me know of your interest or concern.

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