Da Wimsta’s Love Shtick Run 2010

Hello wank and wankettes (and virgins too),  I’d cordially like to invite you to cum to my virgin lay.

Its Valentine’s Day and I’ve got a real hard-on for this love shtick. So, now I want to see you with a heart on, or you can bring wooden spoons?

[Did you know that in Wales lovers exchange wooden love spoons on Valentine’s Day (I’m not making this up)]

I really just want you to bring some sort of the spirit of love;  this is my virgin lay after all.

Everyone dreams of a good long hard lay, but in the end (not in the end) it doesn’t have to really be so long or hard to make you moan,  and moaning I do expect.

I’d like to start with a drink at University Park and see where that takes us. Dress comfortably (with hearts on) and don?t forget the lube and flashlights.

4 miles, 3 beer checks, and 1 fence.

Da Wimsta

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