Volkslauf Beer Aid Station

Wankers and Wankettes,

The annual Volkslauf event is this coming Saturday Oct 11. As part of
BHHH’s mission to make America a better place we will setting up a beer
check for the 10K participants. If you have a couple of free hours
Saturday morning we could use your help in handing out refreshments to
the Volkslauf runners. We have a fun time yelling at them (DI style).
The thanks and gratitude we get from them makes it all worthwhile plus
it’s all for a good cause.

If you can help drop me a note at limpnoids@yahoo.com so we know who to
expect. We’ll meet at the registration desk at 8:00 am and move to the
aid station site from there. The traffic and parking is usually
congested so allow yourself extra time to deal with that.

The event is adjacent to Lerdo Jail. Just in case you don’t remember
(yeah right) where that is here’s a link to directions.


To summarize:

1. Contact limpnoids@yahoo.com and say “Hell yes I’ll be there.. with
bells on.”

2. Show up at the registration desk at 8:00 am for some fun times.

On On!



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