Bring-em Young’s Man Dress Run

Bring Em and Men in Dresses

A prelube to the Red Dress? Naww Bring Em just likes wearing dresses, even if he calls them Man Dresses.  Stools, I’d be worried.

What we gonna do is!!

Meet at Rosedale North Park on Jewetta at Lonon st. in Rosedale.

Wear a plaid skirt or skirt of some loud color.

You really kool Wanks that have a kilt wear it. That means you F’n-Mac-Efran.

If you want steal a skirt from some young catholic shool girl or bring her with you.

Fartachoke usually has the right idea.

Anyway, —— I kinda lost it there for a second, Hey!! back to the hash run.

There will be points and debits depending on your appearal so if you want to win a great prize really go for it.

The course will be about three miles, maybe a little less. Two beer checks and a lot of challenging trail marks.

Bring three Bucks and a newby we can play with!!

ON, ON, Bring-em Young, Bring-em often, and they’re all young enough


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