I Am Somebody!!! Cum As Your Crazy Relative Hash 09

Hello Wankers and Wankeretts,

The next Hash Run will start from the River Walk Park at the corner of Stockdale and Buena Vista, Monday, Nov. 23. Just take Stockdale west from anywhere in Bako and turn right on Buena Vista. It’s west of the new Target. Look for the Big Red Beer Wagon. Now here’s the catch, you must cum dressed as your favorite holiday relative. You know everyone has that one relative that you just love to have show up at the last minute, either their favorite

Bar isn’t open for Thanksgiving or the homeless center ran out of food before they sobered up enough to get there! If you can’t think of anyone like this maybe you should just cum as you! Wait, maybe you’re the one in your family!!

Because of the over estimate of attendees at last weeks great Hash, Blood Plug is going to burn the rest of the burgers and ribs so bring 6 bucks and be there by 6:30. Bring a flashlight and lots of new-bees, female preferable.

Does anyone know who has the Hash Stash? I need to get the stuff to resupply. Blood Plug, do you need anyone to bring anything? If so, give me a call at 203-4196 so I can put it in the message and email the update to the masses.

On, On,

your friend, Bringem.

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