Wall to keep out undesirable white people won’t stop BH3 Hashers

Mr. Hansen tear down that wall….




IMG_0625Hash August12_Wall6

“Wall, you call this a wall. Me and my compadres eat ten of these before desayuno”….said Hasher F.Jose.

Infamous BH3 1040 Hash 2013


Yeah, yeah, yeah, Monday is April 15, and taxes are due April 15. Give it up. Quit trying to defeat the byzantine tax code and come out for a cold PBR instead. Since our next Hash falls on Tax Day, the trail for Monday, April

I am sam

I am sam

15, will be the infamous BH3 1040 run. That means a simpler than normal trail with more beer checks than normal – 10 beer checks in recognition of the despised 1040 form.

The hare for this sacreligious event will be Butthook with assistance from an assortment of infirm BH3 hashers – Diamond Dick, Limp Noids, Bring’em Young, etc. The run will start from the parking lot on the north side of Patriots Park, on Fjord St. Map to the start location at this link: http://goo.gl/maps/u08vYdd4th_of_july_salute

Bring $5 and leave your friggin’ calculator at home. Diamond Dick will finish your returns while you are out on trail and guarantee that you get a ginormous refund, and possibly a new address next door to Bernie Madoff.

See you there.


Boston Marathon 2013 update: Hashers Rey and Denni are ok.  Safe trip home to all other Bakersfield runners.