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Halloween “Bite Me, Bitch” pub crawl 2011

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BH3, The analyule Halloween run will be the “Bite Me, Bitch” pub crawl. Your vampharrietts Trojan Whore and Selfcuntious will be clad as sexy vampires desperately in need of a refiill. You are warned.

The run will start downtown at Eye and 21st Sts. @ 6:30 as always. It will be a pub crawl with Halloween treats, razor blade in an apple anyone…the cost will be $8. The vampharrietts promise blood, mayhem, PBR, drunken debauchery and other goodies.

Might want to bring a flashlight or a glow stick.

Map to the A, Eye St. between 20th and 21st: http://g.co/maps/qvf4s