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Horsecock Sallies – Hot times on the Horse Farm – Year of Our Fake Flu Hash 2020

Tomorrow’s August 17, 2020 Hash is only for the Brave and the Stupid. Which ever way you swing, we should expecting a full house. Should “Fake Flu” COVID19 not get you than tomorrow’s heat “What global warming” surely will. Horse Cock will be there to give you the last rights. So cum on down to Triple C Ranch 5818 South Fairfax Rd, Bako 93307 for a Hash you’ll (if you survive) never forget. 6:30 pm, bring $5, swimsuit (or not) and a towel for a post hash dip in her pond. Wimps can bring masks and social distance. #OnOn #FakeFlue

Micro’s Rockgut “Slow and Easy” Hash

Well enough with the ethnic pagan holidays and corporate sponsored soirees that have nothing to do with the central tenets of the Hash.

Ruby Red Lips Ale anyone

Ruby Red Lips Ale anyone


Thankfully Microscrewery has stepped up to the plate and at this Monday’s Hash will take us back to basics by trotting out some of his latest brew. Warning, Micro’s choice in ale is often suspect, however we do like UDOE’s spirit when it cums to trying new things, in her own words ”Wes (does Abercumonme know of this dude!!!) and I are doing it and we aren’t prepared. We are just going to take it slow and easy.“

Wankers let’s follow UDOE’s example and cum prepared to take in Micro’s Rockgut “slow and easy”. Aside from Micro’s brew, there will be PBR’s and the usual assortment of cheap-ass snacks.

This will be the first run on standard time, so you WILL need a flashlight.
There will be cups but feel free to bring your own. ON ON!