July 3 2017 Hash Run 🏃🏽

Ok wankers it appears the the Mexican river run, to have been hared by our own real life "undocumented" i.e. Illegal alien 👽 Crampon has been canceled for a good o’l USA 🇺🇸 patriotic prelube. Our hare will be Butthook, whose ancestral heritage being Egyptian he is proud to announce is not on the Muslim country banned list.

See you at Patriots park, theme is red-white n blue. Throw in some stars and bars (not crossed) and we’re good.

OK wankers,

We know you are playing hooky from work on Monday. So you need to do something constructive with your sorry self to ease the guilt. You can make amends by dressing up like a Yankee Doodle Dandy and coming to Patriots Park for a pre-holiday hash run. Put on some patriotic colors and come show your appreciation for the good old USA in a way only BH3 can. (Diablow, that means wear red/white/blue, not red/white/green).

Meet in the parking lot on north side of the park on Fjord St., across the street from West High School. Map to the start at this link:

Diamond Dick is out of town, so you will not have to worry about Roman candles shooting out of his ass straight at you.

Meet at 6:30. Bring $5 for cold PBRs and other crap.