Just Arturo and Diablower/F*ckn Jose’s Original “Homeland Defense” Hash

With the current debate over illegal immigration in Arizona and invasion of the homeland by unwanted hordes of foreigners,  BH3 wankers Just Arturo and Diablower/F*ckn Jose organized a Hash in the Chiracahua Mountains of southern Arizona; home of the Chiricahua Apache Chief Cochise, which along with Chief Geronimo, were part of the original “Homeland Defense”.   The Chiricahua Apache were among the last to resistance the white colonization of their homeland by first the Spaniards and then North Americans.

Date: April 8, 2010

Location: Chiricahua National Monument Southern Arizona. Directions: From Bakersfield take Hwy 99 South until it meets with US 5, in Los Angeles take US 210 to CA Hwy 57 to US 10. Drive 530 miles past Phoenix and Tucson to Arizona Hwy 191 south (formerly 666) to mile post 54.  Camp the night.  In the morning drive south on Arizona Hwy 191 to Arizona Hwy 181 take the road 10 miles to Chiricahua National Monument.

The on after will be at the Old Bisbee Brewery Company on Brewery street.

Round trip 1,700 miles.

Cost about $1,000, bring a sleeping bag, tent, own toilet paper and cooler for beer and snacks.

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