BH3 20 Year Annalversary Mammorial Day Run

Big Pete - Founder BH3

Big Pete - Founder BH3

BH3 Wankers and beyond,

You are cordially invited to join our founder, Big Pete Gernert (a.k.a. Himalaya in more civilized parts of the world) in a fact-challenged, probably erroneous re-enactment of the very first BH3 trail, laid 20 years ago by said wanker Big Pete on May 23,1989.

This momentous event will coincide with the annual Mammorial Day run and barbecue. We will meet at the park in the Vineyards development, the scene of the Original Sin, on SUNDAY, MAY 24, at 3:00 p.m.

After the run, we will terrorize the denizens of the Vineyards with ceremonial 20th analversary down-downs. We will then will pull up stakes and move down the road to the home of Bring’em Young and Superintendent of Stools for barbecue, karaoke, and pissing in their pool.

Cost for this double bill is $10. Bring’em and Stools will provide all the eats, so you don’t need to bring anything unless you’re a vegan or some other such mutant. Bring a towel (required) and a swimsuit (optional for most, required for Diamond Dick).


P.S. Bring’em would like all those who want a spiffy BH3 ball cap to respond ( so he can git’er done.

This is a special event for BH3, daddy is finally cuming home. I hope he brought me something.

On On….

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