Real Estate Investment Challenged – David Crisp Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Run

If I do say so myself, since this trail was layed by Dali Labia and myself this had to be one of the best runs of the year…the featured home of course was that of theDave Crisped Crisp himself. As Dali and I were scoping out the trail for beer check we had a Crisp sighting. In fact we believe we actually saw him on his near last if not actual last time in his house. As he was taking out the last of his Halloween junk the old boy looked as if he had been bawling all morning long. Bless his heart and in respect to his one neighbor across he what appeared to be his his rolly polly aunt cutting the hedges and his nephew mowing the lawn.

In all the 5.3 miles of trailed traveled past or one street over about 30 properties in foreclosure, many of them already empty, or roughly 10 percent of all houses in the neighborhood of Seven Oaks and Taves Ranch.

A good time was had by all. We were especially pleased to have Harriett Denise on hand, a local banker, to take responsibility for all the misery she personally has caused to these people.


Bakersfield, California…..The Bakersfield Hash House Harriers – A Drinking Club With a Running Problem – At Least It’s A Dry Heat announces it’s first and probably last annual


Real Estate Investment Challenged – David Crisp Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Run”. We know something is a big deal with local news media and politicians feign outrage that people were participating in real estate speculation. If only someone had told us!!!!!!

With local real estate values going in the tank and David Crisp, the epitome of a small time shyster probably going to jail; now is not the time to fret about David’s upcumming dates in the joint.

Instead we here at BH3 see this as an opportunity to celebrate another theme run. And what a better place to party hardy over this long anticipated course correction in inflated real estate values than that hot bed of upper middle class wantabies, living beyond their means, Seven Oaks.

The tour of real estate deals begins at the usual appointed date and time Monday October 15, 6:30pm; from Windermere Park off Buena Vista Rd and White Lane. Feel free to run in the buff wearing your favorite barrel and suspenders outfit see model. Bring flashlights and $3.00 for PBR




Ah yes the story that keeps on serving. Check out the latest on David Crisp

Bakersfield Californian Stories on Crisp and Cole

Fake it until you make it: A housing flipper saga

When David Crisp was only 25 years old, the Bakersfield, Calif., real estate star tooled around town in a $560,000 Mercedes-Benz McLaren sports car, along with a cohort of “black-suited bodyguards.” He sported a $50,000 Chanel watch and Armani suits. His company, Crisp & Cole, leased Gulfstream jets to fly prospective investors into Bakersfield and Las Vegas and fronted money to its team of agents so they could sport their own luxury cars and designer clothes. In 2





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